Translucent laminated plastics made up of glass fiber reinforcement and polyester resin unsaturated with a 10% weight of methyl methacrylate and a 0,2% weight of UV rays absorbent.

The proportion of resin with regards to the glass fiber reinforcement is 2,5 times to 1. In order to offer extra resistance, a 28 g/m2 protective covering, impregnated with 150 g/m2 of resin, is incorporated. The translucent plastic plates are an economical and lasting option when one seeks to include natural light to a space. Their low weight, easy transportation, and quick fitting are their principal advantages. This makes them an efficient solution and adaptable to all your projects. They are ideal for industrial units, sports centers, swimming pools, green houses, storage facilities, supermarkets, chemical plants, refineries in other uses."

Technical data

Resistance and Colors
Reinforced 0,8mm
Extra Reinforced 1mm - 1,2mm
Premium 1,8mm . 3,5mm
Colors Natural, White, Green
Colors with previous order Yellow, Orange

Compression resistance D-638 70-90 Mpa
Traction resistance D-638 70-90 Mpa
Flexion resistance D-790 120-140 Mpa
Light transmission D-1494 85-90%
Specific weight D-790 1,4 gr/cm3
Water absorption D-570 0,2%
Glass fiber percentage D-2586 30%
Barcol hardness test D-2583 >40
Flammability D-635 >6 cm/min
Usage temperature - -40 +80°C
Light transmission
Natural 85-90%
White 60-70%
Green 60-70%
Table values related to a 1mm material, as illustration, being able to be modified without previous warning.


The laminates are protected against the degradation that occurs in environments with low concentration corrosive gases.


We have developed a line of products that is flame retardant. It is manufactured with a special resin which turns the plates into self-extinguishing ones. That is to say, they have the ability to stop burning once the source of the flame has been eliminated and thus preventing the flame from spreading.

Special manufacturing only upon request.