Experience and responsibility. prestige. quality.

We are a leading company with over 40 years of experience, certified by IRAM ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced laminated plastics (GFRP).

About Us

Our company stands out because of the commitment that it takes on with each of our projects and the quality that is guaranteed in each of our products. This has allowed us to strongly position ourselves in the national marked and to reach a sustained presence in the international market. Currently, our plates are commercialized in Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. We are constantly searching to broaden our horizons.

Our company's mission mission is to search for new uses for the materials made up of glass fiber and to provide the best quality plastic plates so as to help our clients complete their plans, offering them a wide range of products certified in quality and by the prestige of our company.

Our vision is simple: to get people to see our company as it is. A company committed to the work, to its clients, and to guaranteeing a wide range of products of excellent quality, focusing on growth and progress for everyone.


Responsibility Social Commitment

Through our products we contribute to the "Horizonte de Máxima" foundation with their Sanitary Unit project, which seeks to help socially vulnerable individuals so that they no longer are in a situation of sanitary emergency and to contribute to their hygiene and health.