Resin polyester laminated plastics reinforced with glass fiber and a layer of gelcoat which gives them a smooth and shiny esthetic.

These laminates are manufactured in a continuous way and especially designed to withstand the outdoors, blows, and chemical attacks, situations in which other kinds of products tend to lose their paint or deteriorate.

A principal characteristic of glass fiber, besides granting resistance to the laminate, is its thermal/electric insulation, the fact that it doesn’t undergo a rusting process and its low weight as opposed to other laminated plates. Its rough surface on its back is useful for injection and gluing.

Technical data

Reinforced 1,8mm - 2,0mm - 2,5mm
Colors White - Natural

White / Natural colors

Character Gel coat finish UV protection Gel coat finish UV protection Gel coat finish UV protection
Thickness 1,8 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm
Glass fiber reinforcement 600 g/m2 900 g/m2 1050 g/m2
Weight 2,8 kg/m2 3,14 kg/m2 3,61 kg/m2
Impact resistance 280 J/m 350 J/m 390 J/m
Break stretching ASTM D638 2,40% 250% 260%
Traction resistance ASTM D638 111,5 kgf 135,0 kgf 160,0 kgf
Traction unit ASTM D638 2560 mpa 2886 mpa 2951 mpa
Flexion resistance ASTM D790 93 mpa 111 mpa 112 mpa
Elasticity flexion unit ASTM D790 4362 mpa 5196 mpa 5481 mpa